Wednesday, January 04, 2012


This is the other part of our news over the past little while... the arrival of PUPPYBREATH!

Sue was kind enough to have me over when mumma gave birth and spoil me with time with the babies to play and take pictures (just a few...) every week since as they've grown. 

Here's the wee little slugs in a row just after they were born... only a few hours old.  In order from left to right they are "Fat Albert", "Malcolm In The Middle" and "Tigerlily".  I was interested in a boy so it was Mr Albert or Mr Malcolm who were likely to come home with me and I had a soft spot for Malcolm as he has a kissy spot on his collar, which most of my dogs have had and I consider a bit of a lucky omen. :)  As it happened over the following weeks I just fell more in love with him and another friend fell in love with Albert (yay! PUPPY BROTHERS! *happy dance*) and Sue fell in love with Tigerlily (now Demi) soooooo unless things change it's most likely Malcolm is my "Ronan".  We'd decided to use that name as I'd made the wish for a puppy as special as my Verity after she passed at "our spot", St. Ronan's Wishing Well and it seemed the obvious name for a wish come true.  So here's a few of the pics (I won't add them all... there's about 300 'keepers' so far. LOL)  They are #2-3 at two weeks old, 4-6 at three weeks old and the last at four weeks.

If you're looking for a puppy to cuddle, I'm awfully cute!

With mumma, first time outside!

A bit of brotherly love!  With give and take of course. ;p

Beautiful mumma!

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