Monday, January 03, 2011

Random randomness

  • It is very sweet to wake up to a bunny curled up on your pillow next to your cheek.

  • My kids grandfather may be a professional international dancer/instructor but they themselves are going to be ones who get 'points for enthusiasm'.

  • It's really annoying when the universe presents a lovely "would jump for it any other time" opportunity but at a not-so-perfect-for-lovely-opportunities time. It's not the be all and end all but it is annoying all the same.

  • No matter how many times Laurent mispronounces words like "interesting" as "in-STIR-ing", particularly as he tends to say it like a demented Sherlock Holmes I laugh.

  • Jasper (kitty) is very glad to finally have a rabbit in the house who thinks cats are good for sharing a bed with instead of thumping in annoyance or give him what for if he comes too close. Dexter was raised with kitties and doesn't mind sharing his cushions or cuddlehuts.

  • Lily is rocking out with a lot of sentences at the moment, most of which involve the dogs in some form - "Luka, here puppy!", "Titty (that's 'the kitty' btw) wants kiss.", "Luka! LUKA! Where areeeeeeeee you???", "Luuukkkkaaaaaa! Have a ball?" She is SO my child! (Luka is the only dog in the house at the moment to routinely be hollered for by name, so I'm not just leaving out her calling for Sierra, Hope or Rin.) Non-dog sentences include, "Close the door!", "'ere you go mum!" and just-for-her-brother, "Oh WOW, COOL!"

  • Babies - be they four legged milk breath pups or two legged little infants are possibly the most dangerous creatures on earth. They make me stupidly clucky in under a nano-second.

  • I miss my dogs at the rainbow bridge. I want them back. Veri and Cami. Cade, he's on my mind all the time at the moment, every time I see a little dog. Bella and Bria, even 5 and 10 years on. I know it's impossible but the hole where they should be is just too empty for bearing sometimes and I'd give just about anything for even one more day. While I'm wanting the impossible I'd like my little Matilda Muzzie back too.

  • I hate that I'm seeing age in Sierra recently. She's healthy and fit, a young and bouncy 10 - most days by sheer dint of verve you'd swear she's younger than Hope. Occasionally on very cold days I see her stand up just a bit slower and stretch herself from some ache or doze in the sun in a certain way that speaks of age and it reminds me that my eternal puppy one day will be an old dog in a way I'm not at all ready for. I very much prefer to play ostrich with my head in the sand on the matter just now.

  • I hate the number of my friends who have had to learn to live with the sorrow of having lost their loved companions lately. Cancer, in all it's awful forms, sucks.
  • among the reasons I will be glad Nic is going back to work from vacation
    1. he left a can of spray paint out - with an unsupervised 5 year old... 'nuff said
    2. he left food dye (for play dough) next to the kids snacks (crackers, raisins, nuts etc) and Darling Tornado Child has decided when he was given permission to get raisins from the cupboard for a snack the dyes presence meant it was okay if he dyed them blue. Turns out counters... and kids... dye better than raisins.

  • Your not quite 2 year old proudly demonstrating she knows how to breastfeed (holding her teddy bear for bibi) is unspeakably cute. Especially when she is SO pleased with how clever she is!

  • I am a hopeless handler who is good at doing remarkably dorky stuff - witness this weeks genius: giving poor Hope the signal to come around to my right side (right hand held in a flat 5, moved from hip forward - usually used in obedience/freestyle) instead of her release signal to get the ball in flyball (similar but with the LEFT hand) resulting in the poor gal looking rather baffled but humoring her clearly mad partner by coming around to my right and sitting. She was clearly wondering A.) why the heck I was using a non-flyball cue especially when the start lights had CLEARLY gone off and B.) why the heck I was repeating it when she'd already done as asked. Ladies and gents - I assure you, red is not my natural hair colouring....

  • Small boys make up for being Tornados most of the time by cuddling their sister, rubbing her back and singing, "We love Lilypillie, she's our pretty baby, she has chubby tummy and a fatty little bummy and we loves her cuz she's our little bayyyyyyyyyybeeeeee!" complete with dance hands for the finish.

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