Thursday, January 27, 2011

21 months

Is waking up to snuggles and lazy morning bibi - a girl after her mothers heart who values a snuggly quilt and staying in bed for awhile after waking in the morning.

Uses any excuse to grab my mobile or a telephone and pretend to gab.

Loves to dance till she's dizzy anytime a song comes on or someone claps for her. And then dance some more after laughing at herself for having fallen.

Is giggles that melt my heart, endless kisses freely given and a cheeky smile that crinkles the corner of her eyes.

Loves her brother to bits, trailing after him with stars and heroworship in her eyes... except when she doesn't. La is becoming familiar with the fine art of apologizing to someone half his size, twice his stubbornness and who holds a grudge the size of Texas when wronged.

Adores dogs. Especially WOOKA, who hops up onto the woodpile to peer in the window and play peek-a-boo while she peers out at him on the couch. Although for a pillow while you nap Sierra is the better choice because it tends to stay still longer.

Listens when you say no, actually stops and puts things back if told to do so, helps clean up, helps put away dishes/laundry when pointed to the correct cupboard and is generally well behaved. A novelty considering we're used to struggling with her brother on four of those five counts. Gods it's nice to have an EASY child, however un-PC it may be to say!

Recognizes Doctor Who on sight (Doctors 9, 10 and 11 all claimed as Doctah... 11 to her daddy's delight and mummy's dismay...) and includes Tah-dish as part of her vocab. A proud, if geeky, moment all around.

Loves vegemite on toast, mandarin, nashi pears, ginger biscuits, cucumber and anything sweet.

Still can't stand an open door and MUST close it.

Climbs like a terror and is fearless in exploring her physical limitations. Shades of her brother, although she's saner about choosing her footing and gauging her risks and doesn't deliberately TRY to fall.

Amazes me with the degree from which she can go from sunshine in summer - sweet, warm, going with the flow (99.5% of the time) to a strident and implacable Napoleon (0.5% of the time). This is a girl who knows her own mind and is sure enough of it she will stand against the world in her beliefs.

Still has curls in her hair but only on the tips now for the most part.

When she tantrums, she will taken comfort when SHE is ready and not an iota of a second before. Try it - as several well intending friends have found - and she'll pause just long enough to say NO in no uncertain terms. When she's ready no will change to yes and she'll be back to cuddles.

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