Friday, April 24, 2009

Night-feeds are one of the 'best of times, worst of times' aspects of babies. Every mother who has rocked a child to sleep has probably hit at point where there is little they wouldn't give for just five more minutes of sleep and I'm no exception to that - there were plenty of such points with La given how unsettled he often was with reflux. I do love the secret moments of quiet intimacy curled up in the night nursing and rocking my bubbas though.

Last night most of Lily's feeds involved snuffling from her spot next to me, being scooped up, feeding and falling back off into her dreams pleasantly warm and full without ever fully waking. At around 4:30 she woke up more properly after needing a change and I held her drinking in the moment while gazing into wise little old eyes, rocking gently back and forth while inhaling the scent of newbornness. We listened to the rain tapping on the roof and the winds rushing around the house while we were snug in bed, warm blankets nested around us, the scent from the oil burner still lingering slightly, the only light for as far as I could see the soft light from my little lamp until she drifted back off and was snuggled down next to me again.

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Spiralmumma said...

Oh yes best of times, worst of times-definitely! You've made me feel quite nostalgic there!