Thursday, April 30, 2009


We're lucky enough to have a photo session for Laurent and Lily today. Anyone who knows me knows I am ever so slightly (okay... completely and utterly...) obsessed with photos and one of the things I really wanted was to have some special photos from the time around Lily being a newborn. I have the ones I've taken of course but while I don't do the worst in the world I'm certainly no pro either and those newborn days go by so quickly, so despite it being not a 'strictly essential' expenditure I refused to spend years regretting not having done so and took some of the gift money for a photo session. La was a total ham of course, little cheeky-cheeks that he is... not that anyone who knows him would expect otherwise. A few sneak peeks should be online later tonight, though the proof gallery will take a bit longer. I am so excited!

I forgot to journal it but Tuesday was also Sierra's 7th birthday! Happy birthday to my bestest nubby-wigglebutt girl!

She was the most beautiful baby and my special treasure and still is.

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