Thursday, April 09, 2009

A few pics from the day

The first night was pretty uneventful - all the usual staples of newborndom: eat, sleep, poo, repeat. Over all she seems as easy going on the outside as she was inside - something I think must be a surprise to a few people given what a determined little livewire her brother is! (And he was one since the word go btw...)

I have been good and taking it easy as well. Had A, our primary midwife and S out today for a check-up though and I got the skeptical eye when she spotted the electrical cord on the porch and a log. "You WEREN'T cutting firewood -were- you???" (For the record, no I wasn't! It was for the mulcher and from the morning before... honest!)

Since it was such a lovely day we had to enjoy a bit of it outside though...

The critters were all curious, or possibly just wondering where their treats were yesterday and expecting double-goodies today. In the meantime bubs has discovered the fine joys of slings and is loving it. (Girls NOT in this shot as they will eat chook and sheep feed... or really, any food or a foodlike substance... they're Aussie Shepherds after all!)

La is slightly chuffed at being able to hold her.
"Aw mum, she's really, really beautiful isn't she?"

La is rather unfussed by the whole turn of events, aside from the points he gets to hold her when he's quite chuffed with himself. Yep. There's a baby but it's usually just sleeping and there's paintings to paint, soccerballs to kick, girls to play with and other very important things to discourse on... like the fact there's a moth flying outside the window. Now moths are truly newsworthy stuff!

The most noteworthy aspect of the labor and birth for him are that "Bubby made a BIG mess in mud puddles!" (read: the show of blood) which is apparently terribly funny. Other than that, he's been pretty cute although he's still feeling a bit under the weather. After everyone had left following her birth and we were having a little rest he patted me on the shoulder while looking at her and said, "Aw mum, well DONE!"


Sif said...


Oh, oh! She TOTALLY looks like Daddy's little girl in that second picture!

I just love her hair (I have hair envy, LOL)...

And there you are slinging it already (I honestly think my gallbladder must have impacted my postpartum recovery a lot when I see you slinging her!)...

Lovely, lovely!

So good to hear you can also sense that she's relatively easy going!!!

shae said...

awww they are lovely! (and so is your new bundle)

katef said...

aww.. lovely lovely lovely.. just so damn lovely!!!