Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just to let everyone who has heard about the bushfires know...

We're all safe here. We're not super far from Bunyip but safe enough at the moment and feeling very blessed to be so. There's been nothing worse real close than 2 grassfires, one small and one medium in Gembrook but both have been quashed safely. Fingers crossed nothing else comes closer or gets more severe although winds are predicted to pick up tonight.

We're glad that most of the people we know who are in the areas are safe, aching for those who have not been so fortunate and thinking of those whom we're unsure of and wishing all the fire crews and Army safety and success as they work to get the fires under control.

For those overseas who may not have heard, Victoria is currently being devistated by violent bushfires in many areas all around the state after a month of high temperatures and dryness, including the other day when it hit 46.3C (115+F) with winds of 67kph (about 42mph). The Bunyip fire is listed as having burned 24,500 hectares (60,540 acres) and that's only one blaze. Current death toll is 66 people statewide with many more expected to be found, with over 600 houses lost and a couple of towns pretty much burned to rubble. They are saying it is worse than Ash Wednesday, the last worst on record.

It is mind-boggling, humbling and scarey to contemplate, even more so when it is not yet over.


Spiralmumma said...

Thank goddess you guys are safe!

Pagan Rach said...

Glad you are OK. Hope it continues to be so :)