Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy birthday old man

I'm sure on what would be your 11th birthday, you're running around with Bria, Bella, Cian and the friends we knew over the years who are waiting for their own families at the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm sure you started the morning by gobbling enough liver-garlic birthday cakes to stuff a small army - you never were one for moderation. There are heaps of cherry tomatos here you'd be disgruntled to miss out on picking.

I rather imagine after that you launched into a pile of brand spanking new toys waiting to have their squeekers removed and stuffing spread everywhere so you could run wildly and skid, tossing the "snow" in the air to catch and roll in without being cold.

I hope your afternoon yields a field full of nothing but tunnels - no weaves anywhere.

If it's heaven it's got to have a prime napping spot for you to snooze nearly buried beneath a pile of huge fluffy doonas fresh off the wash line and warm, just waiting for you to burrowed in.

But I do wish you were doing all that here, it's not the same without you.

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Anonymous said...

I bet there were tears writing this one. It's never the same without them.