Monday, February 16, 2009

33 week MW appt this morning.

  • I am normal (well, as I ever am)
  • The dogs and kitten are as sure as La is that the MWs are there to see them and not me. ;-)
  • BP is normal
  • Squidge#2 measures at 33 weeks which is entirely appropriate for 33 weeks
  • heartbeat is normal
  • head is down
  • the bits of bubs I thought were very pokey little back and bum are indeed a pokey little back and bum
  • I miss having a bladder capacity of more than 0.003mL, especially when it wakes me up multiple times a night
  • next meeting is birth plan meeting at 36 weeks by which point I will have hopefully switched into baby-mode. It would probably be useful to do so sometime before the baby actually pops out. LOL (Right now it's all La, dogs, training, house, birds, stuff that needs fixing around here etc! *g*)
We are still officially boring. That is all.

Oh. Forgot to mention. MW noticed Aussies are curious, nosey creatures given the permanent fixture of a dog stationed at my head or feet throughout the visit and watching curiously as she did the exam, took BP etc and asked if the dogs will be with me throughout the labor. "Yeah, probably. They were nearby through most of La's." Not a batted eyelash. Innit grand? :-)


Spiralmumma said...

Boring is good :)

My animals were like a furry birth support team when i was labouring at home with Liam ;-) :D

Pagan Rach said...

Good to hear all is boring :D

aussienut said...

woo hoo - sounds like everything is going along as it should be!