Monday, January 19, 2009

"Jasp-burger is a pretty kitty mum!"

The little man has settled in well. He's not met the girls up close yet, though he's seen them while being held and coming from an Aussie owning household probably won't be too shocked by them. Other than that he's been alternately eatting, playing, getting attention (which results in demonstrations his purr-box is in fine working order) and chilling out in the bathroom where his food/litter and what is likely to become favorite snooze spot (curtained cupboard) is. Not bad for a tyke who has been here only a day!

La is fascinated by him and already attempting to clicker train him. LOL Poor lil' kitty didn't last 24 hours before getting a bizzare nickname though- La pronounces Jasper as "Jaspburger" or in moments of total tongue-twist "Cheeseburger" who came from "Gate" (Kate).
Peering out from the cupboard
Ferocious tiger kitten pouncing on paper.


Lucy C said...

Your little boy is gorgeous.
Kitty is pretty cute too.

Sif said...

He as gorgeous markings! I'll have to show you a piccy of mine next time you're here (which we need to organise before you get so rotund you can't get behind the wheel of your car, LOL!)...

Amanda O. said...

We think they're both pretty cute as well! ;-)

Sif, definitely need to catch up soon! If you want to come out here I can always pick you up too... the Gembrook Market is on this Sunday if you're free? Otherwise let me know a day and we'll catch up! Not sure if you'll catch this so if not I'll also e-mail you.