Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 Weeks

Pretty much this whole pregnancy up to this point I've been waiting to FEEL pregnant and it really just wasn't happening because there was just too much other stuff I was busy with or thinking about. Even up to last week I was saying this, despite sporting the ample evidence of pregnancy. Well, it seems this week I finally feel pregnant! Gee, it only took the first 30 weeks... LOL

After spending yesterday being much lazier than I'd intended (read: I spent most of the day playing around here with the animals and La) I had a number of what I'm guessing were stronger braxton hicks this morning which only subsided while I was actively walking and were flaring up whenever I was trying to kneel or do stuff in the garden, so we decided to spend the day walking around Gembrook for the market, the ice-creamery, cafe and watching Puffing Billy while we finished off the fruit we'd bought.

Afterward we headed off toward Launching Place to spend the mid-morning through the afternoon meandering around Kurth Kiln about 20km past Gembrook, near Tomahawk Creek and finishing after Shiprock Falls which was an easy but pretty little walk. Since no one else was there it was lovely sense of quietness and peace in the bush, despite being not terribly far out.

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