Saturday, January 31, 2009

For those not in Melbourne, you may not have heard about the heat we've had over the past few days with multiple days at 43-44C (that's 109.4-111.2F for those Stateside) which has been unpleasant considering we've no air-conditioning, were stuck at home except for the one day I tried to escape to the mall (and ended up passing out at a service station I'd pulled over at part way... joy) and since we're experiencing power outages, for the duration of that we lacked even fans. Thankfully we can still get water from the tanks even with electricity out and spent much time submerged in an attempt to avoid overheated people (small ones and pregnant ones both) and critters.

Saturday was milder, at least enough that we could stand the car ride to a proper swimming and picnic spot. They have a great kids area which is the size of a regular swimming pool but not deeper than half a meter anywhere, surrounded by the lake and is fairly shaded which is nice.

La was loving the whole "swimming" experience, albeit his version involves more bouncing, running in the water and splashing than dog-paddling. In typical La style he wasn't at all cautious when it came to hopping in (we were right there mind) and managed to loose his footing in the water and dunk himself a few times, which he took in the usual "don't worry - he bounces" manner by standing up, shaking his hair off and laughing at himself to the astonishment of a few folks who were amazed to see a kid not come up crying.

Meanwhile today has been very cooperative for us weatherwise as well, so that we were able to attend the first day of training starting back up! I took both Sierra and Cami this time, as I want Cami to get in more time. Sierra (ever her completely 110% enthusiastic self) was seriously thrilled to be back again and for extra fun another Aussie was in our class - Martin with Hitch, who she thinks is really, really cool so she had fun schmoozing with him after class. LOL Typical Si she got pointed out several times as the example of a happy dog who is loving to work. Also ended up getting put onto a behaviour discussion supposed to happen mid February-ish and a possible tracking workshop in April (doh, will have to cross my legs if it happens to be around my due date!) which will be a nice one for the little black dog I think. So glad to be back! :-)

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