Friday, December 05, 2008

More ducklings :-)

Five new little Aylesbury girls - cute as buttons, tiny and fresh! Aw... :-) We'd gotten to talking about what fatlings my older ones are, so of course I had to snap a picture to show the size difference. The little one is only day old, the porker 4.5 weeks. It's still a good ways off it's adult size but growing very nicely! *G*

Other than that we're humming along, trying to get stuff done in between the rain!

As usual weekends are my major "get stuff done" days (read: days when Nic is home instead of gone 7am-8pm and I can pawn my darling spawn off on him) Yesterday I managed to do the usual daily unescapables (sweep, vac, mop, laundry), mow and mostly finish line trimming the yards, did 3 large council bins packed with weeding, mulched 2 loads sticks through the chipper and spread them, clean/fed/watered various critters, up to the LSS to get crumbles/a new salt lick with copper in it/sheep drench and grocery store before rain hit and drenched me! We're seriously rain central!

Sunday was more of the same after training and a Christmas break-up which was a good bit of fun. Hope and Si both got nice compliments on their attention and Hope was doing fairly nicely in heeling and patterns. In her downtime she's been having bouts of anxiety though and chewed in the softcrate, then opened the car glovebox to get into my gloves/spare collars etc and chewed them, finally being grumpy with a few dogs bouncing nearby. :-/ Sierra got to play a game of "tunnelers" in agility for intermediate dogs and did pretty well if you ignore her rusty/pregnant handler and was something like second place in recall times. She also made run-offs for "how fast can your dog snarf a few meter long row of treats" game - truly a proud moment and a sport made for Si if ever there was one! ;p

After getting home I spent the afternoon doing more mulching and edging one of the garden beds with rocks, during which time I displayed my usual catlike grace (which is to say, none at all...) and managed to twist my ankle very nicely while face planting into the gravel. Which given the lovely weather I was more than a bit disgruntled over how much I could be doing!

My ankle does feel better today, it made today interesting though- being the Queen of Timing, this had to happen not only when there's heaps to do anyhow but the fence post tractor guy showed up unannounced right as I was limping around trying to get the child and critters fed/watered/toileted/clean after they found the mud (yes, all of them) and the house tidy before my midwife and backup mw arrived. So then I needed to map out where in the paddock I wanted them to put the posts and gates, shift the (heavy!) dog trailer so he could get through the lane way instead. I'll be VERY glad to get the fencing done but I couldn't help wondering if Murphy wasn't enjoying a bowl of popcorn and laughing while watching me. To boot, La is still not feeling totally over the virus and has been... erm... "special", in the grumpy, tantrum-at-nothing-and-everything, zero frustration threshold 3 year old sort of way.

So after spending a few hours "helpfully" helping the fencing fellows, and then pestering the midwives to see ALL of his toys etc (you can't mean they weren't both there for his entertainment... pshaw!) I had the brilliant idea to take him to the store to get some playdough and painting paper to keep him busy. Oh gosh, you can all just imagine how that turned out right? The pregnancy meantime is going as bog-standard and boringly normal as it's been all along so still nothing terribly exciting to report on that front. LOL

Meanwhile I snapped this one of the little black dog on the post digging tractor. No other particular story, just thought it was cute. :-)

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Spiralmumma said...

awwww! Cuteness overload!! I wanna come bring the kids for a visit!