Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

A few pics of the day... La did pretty well - we'd planned to get him two larger presents and limit the smaller ones and did pretty well. His biggest present was a swing set (swing, glide swing, trapeze/rings) and slide as he's forever requesting to go to the playground for those things. The other big ticket item was a wood stove/oven with utensils and 'food' so he can pretend to be a chef like dad. He also got a "build it and paint it" jet plane, a wooden chainsaw (so he can pretend to be a "Jamie" like his favorite arborist), a Wiggles dvd, a felt fishing set (pics of this tomorrow) and make-believe scene cloths (cloths with a lake, meadow etc to drive toy cars across) and a few more of the schleich animal figures. After we carried him out to the kitchen to make breakfast, we asked him to go see if Night garden was on telly to get him into the living room...

Here's the whole thing as he's discovering it in the morning. *g*

We're enchanted with the cooking set. It has a CLOCK folks - a CLOCK, with hands that turn even! Knobs to 'turn on' the burners, various cooking utensils (spatula, pizza cutter, ladle, wood spoon), a fry pan and pot, pot-holder and various foods (pizza and toppings on a bake tray, eggs, bacon, tomatoes etc you can 'chop' up and put in the oven.

This pic is a two-fer-one shot... the new Tonka truck, actually a dump truck, apparently doubles as a horse float for the little schleich horse. (Fresian I think...)

The chainsaw as it's slipped from the wrapping. We looovveee our chainsaw, much of the afternoon while we were assembling the swing/slide set was spent "trimming" and "chopping" the trees. ;-)

Finally the swing set is finished setting up! La is rather chuffed with it as you might be able to guess!

"Yeee-hawwww!!!" (I kid you not - courtesy of the Western Wiggles DVD...)

And best of all - the slide... swings are top notch but slides are a whole 'nother level of coolness in La-dom! *g*

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Sif said...

Oh, he looks like he's had a fabulous day!!! There is nothing like a child's joy on Christmas day! And you'll have double the joy next year!!!