Saturday, December 13, 2008

The day started out pelting rain and on the cold side. It also started out early. We packed up into the car with the dogs and while La and Nic spent the day mostly inside, the dogs and I spent it mostly outside or in a shed where I managed to get soggy and have much of my shirt, pants, boots and coat covered in a mix of wet-sheep, sheep dookie, mud and hay with somewhat muddy, mucky, soggy dogs nearby. Twas a good time! ;-P

By way of explanation, we got to another one of the herding workshop days hosted by the Vic folks. I took Hope and Cami, the later of whom decided she was not at all sure she wanted to do much once she got in the ring despite whinging her head off for it outside the ring and the former of whom was "full of enthusiasm" (to put it mildly...) and did well for a little black ratbag. ;-) She'd have quite happily have kept going all day I think. She got two nice runs though, handled the times the sheep gave a bit of challenge (head/eye/stomp) with more confidence than previous which was nice to see and I think I've got some ideas for stuff to work on at home and learned a good bit by watching everyone else running so I'm quite happy with the day. Best of all, we can actually PRACTICE now with my new fencing and practice yard finally finished!

To round up a nice day spent in good company where I was well fed, I got to have a peek and cuddle of a bunch of kittens, one of whom is hopefully coming home with me once they've had jabs and been altered and a bunch of 2 week old pups, same sire as Cami though different mum. Lovely fat little slugs... good strong suckling reflexes too, which a couple demonstrated on my finger!

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