Sunday, July 22, 2007

The sheep and wool show was a nice diversion if not quite what I'd expected. I saw lovely black alpaca, was able to talk with some people at the coloured sheep stand but rather sad that the breeds I was chiefly interested in - coloured Corriedale and white Cheviot were present in very small numbers. (As in four.) I didn't expect huge numbers but hoped for a few more. Lots of beautiful yarns though! The working dog trials were a disappointment - only saw Border Collies. I hoped to see some kelpies work since they at least kinda-sorta work like an Aussie but no such luck!

Today we mostly worked around here a bit. This place really is heaven in the sunshine - sheep grazing, chooks and ducks browsing, La running around playing and the dogs swirling around my feet. We went to the Gembrook Market in the afternoon, my favorite little market! I took Verity with me while Nic took La. She wasn't completely relaxed but was still calm and learning. Several people were lovely and tossed/handed treats to her and learned something about how to interact with dogs but I also had to head-off 3 people who were going to pet without asking. They weren't kids either but adults who ought to know better. While Verity wouldn't do anything to them she's being socialized and if they scared her it could set us back weeks in our progress, not to mention another dog might object to being accosted by strangers by biting and then get blamed for it. Went through the speech about how they might feel if some strange person rushed up and hugged them - while they'd enjoy it from a friend, they might find such a forward stranger weirdly aggressive or frightening and dogs are no different. My annoyance aside, she had an over-all positive time and I was very pleased as it's a busier area than we've done previously.

Looking at some flowers... nice relaxed girlie!

Same here...

Lovely old gentleman who runs one of the booths who came and helped socialize her a bit. She was initially uncertain and the first picture (not resized yet) she looks mildly anxious (ears aren't forward, eyes are moderately squinted, weight was transfered to the rear to back up if necessary) Within a minute or so she was relaxed enough to sit down and as shown, interacting with him with calm curiousity! :-) We met a lady who shows Bernerse Mt Dogs as well, out socializing her pup and two adults who had seen Verity on Amanda's website and knew Ben & Ana and their dogs as well!

The best part of the market is the organic dog biscuit bakery! Verity was keen to inspect and choose her favorites!

After we got home the Hopes' (not the dog, the sheep and alpacas owner) dropped off Clancy the alpaca who was VERY glad to see his girls again! He is just gorgeous if a bit unsure of this whole moving thing. La has already picked up the word "alpaca" which is in toddlerese "PAC!" and apparently says "moo!" LOL

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