Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Noir entranced by blowing clouds

A couple of Sierra since I've not taken a non-happy snap of her in awhile so took these.

Another one of Sierra watching/stalking up to jump in on the game of "THUNK! Tag-you're-it!" between Hope and Verity.

Random sunset shot of Verity, actually close to tuckered out!

And one of Hope, hiding in the tall grass near the water tanks waiting for her chance to pounce.

I'm not real thrilled with the photos. All the pictures I've taken recently have been very poor quality and I'm not really sure why, aside from not having taken pictures in awhile due not feeling at top speed.

On the upside, Verity's assessment at the behaviourist went nicely the other day. Dr. Calnon got a good assessment, got to see Verity's typical reactions to various circumstances. ALways useful as while I can describe it very accurately, there's no substitute for seeing things first hand yk? No real surpises... everything I'd thought was spot on, she was pleased with the progress she's made in these few weeks, seemed to feel I had a realistic idea of what was going on and likely outcomes, said everything I've been doing is what I should have been doing, agreed with my schedule of priorities, agreed with my risk assessments and the likely outcomes I predicted at various points of progress were likely to be.... so while no suprises, it's pleasant to have an expert with a bevy of impressive degrees attached to her name agree with your own assessments. I'll get the full written report in a day or so. My biggest question had been regarding the intensity of her interest in small animals and her potential to go from a state of excited arousal to predation with them, which I highly suspected I'd an accurate bead on but was disinclined to test for obvious reasons! (I like my ducks in one piece!) We're going to commence socialization classes in the next few weeks which should be a big help.

Will post more on the report when I get the official written copy.

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