Saturday, July 14, 2007


I've been really upset with someone over something fairly major and it's been sort of dragging everything down, though everything else is going along nicer than it's ever been and I've got so much good stuff going on, aside from that one thing.

That one thing has been big enough to throw me for a loop though, just blindsideded me and I've spent a few days feeling rather internal and mulling over how I feel about things. This was muchly helped by spending 3 days basically bumming around with friends at outtings or as was the case yesterday we all descended upon Sif, ate heaps of chocolate and let the kids enjoy playing together. All the same, the great god Murphy has decided to lend me some humor. Which brings me to the first picture.

These guys were sitting up in my tree, looking down at me and gosh they were pretty so I just had to take a snap and well... sometimes you're the bird, sometimes *SPLAT* happens.

As for the good stuff...

Lala is gorgeous and growing leaps and bounds and I love how sensitive he is with the dogs, how many things he's learning and watching him work out how things work. He's mind is constantly turning things over and examining them, working them out. He's quite a clever little critter, even if it's maddening at times trying to out-fox him! I got him heaps of art supplies, paints, markers, paper etc which he is loving! (My walls on the other hand are more colourful than previous!) He is using my patterend scrapbooking SCISSORS now to cut his art! Not super precise but using them all the same. He is identifying body parts and picking up words seemingly at random, shocking the pants off us all! Counting has gone up to 3 in English, no French 3 yet though, it just goes Wun, Doo, Fwee or un, deux, FWEE! And started singing part of a jingle to me which was so cute! Noir has also had his name added to La's vocabulary "Nh-wah!" and Cade is getting called, "Cade, FWWOOOODDD!!!!!"

The dogs are doing great, Verity is adjusting well and even handled a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens in the middle of Melbourne. Her trip to the city was an hour long car ride which was fine till we hit past where we went to Pakenham the day before.
Verity: I wanna stand up and watch everything. What if something happens?
Me: Nothing is going to happen, laying down on the chair will earn you liver.
Verity: But what if something DOES happen, I need to watch! Freaky mutant aliens might beam down onto the middle of the M1... you don't know!
Me: Verity, the magic liver seat only works if you're laying down."
Verity: Oh. *ponders* Well. I guess it looks pretty boring. You're SURE the liver only comes if I'm laying down?
Me: Yup. The liver gods are funny that way.
Verity: Weeellllll.... okay. But if you see any freaky mutant aliens, let me know okay? And if they suck your brains before I can save you, it's your own fault!

It also involved radio, trams, more traffic, more people, mounted police, those mountain buggy prams, walking-barking-mops, walking next to Laurent in his pram etc. The radio and La's pram were the funniest reactions. She was positively puzzled about the radio and how I fit teeny-tiny people in there. Kept cocking her head this way and that, sniffing it, peeking under in the footwell to try and work out where they were hiding every time a new voice came on. Her first reaction to La's pram was, "What on EARTH!?! I knew he walked funny but this is just WEIRD!!!" I plopped a cup of hotdog flavored cherios in his hands and away we went. Took her a few minutes but she quick enough got over the weirdness and figured out how to walk next to the pram at the precise pace to have cherios inserted into her mouth at a steady pace without getting her toes accidentally bumped. Here's a pic of Miss V in the herb garden watching La wave cherios at her.

More goodness... chooks are great, ducks are captured. May possibly have located a person who has a spare rooster of my breed and colour he'd be willing to part with, will find out tomorrow which is really good because the other handful of people who keep the breed have NONE available till the mid of next year and I want chickies!

Plans for the farm are going astonishingly without hitch. Got a great packet from the alpaca association since I'm also hoping to run some high quality fine fiber alpaca and breed them, with seminars and industry support seminar information included.

I have sheep and an alpaca arriving tomorrow - they're going to board here for about a year which has the tripple benefit of 1.) giving me additional practical experience with sheep and first experience with alpaca with the back-up of their owner being responsible for them and paying for their care while , 2.) gives me some extra cash, 3.) I may get some lambs out of the deal, though they're meat breed v. wool breed and so would eventually be sold on being useless for spinning. Originally they'd also wanted to board their horses and donkey which I wasn't as keen on because of the insurance issue and I thought it'd be pushing the pasture rather hard but they'll be boarding elsewhere so it's a non-issue. So you see things are really going great otherwise!

Thursday we FINALLY heard a woof out of Verity! Geeze, that took a bit! For a dog who barked a whole lot when I got her she's been downright silent here! Neighbors and I were talking, their BC and my 4 were dodging under the fences but then Cade couldn't see where to duck back under as his vision is worsening, so one girl ducked under to our side. Verity hadn't barked the whole time up till then - even with the girls and their dog coming across their paddock and us walking across ours to the fence in the middle and then standing talking and even having gone up to them a few times to sniff and lick. Verity had just been leaning into my leg for an ear scratch and not really paying attention, belatedly realized she'd FORGOTTEN to something and went, "Oh wait, um... boof! Boof! You there, girl! I see you! Boof!" before I handed her chicken and said "thanks, I see her". She looked at me, eye cocked and considering, "Really?" Looked at the girl out of the corner of her eye not wanting to look away from a possible handing out of chicken, let out a half boof/half sigh, got another bit of chicken and went, "Oh. Okay." It was a bit funny and I was rather pleased she didn't bark the whole time till she figured she'd forgotten something she was supposed to do and barked the way she did rather than doing that sort of startle/panic/alarm bark thing they do when freaked out!

I'm sulking a bit as I was SUPPOSED to be at a show today. I was really looking forward to it as Hope is finally looking decent, I'd even done a good job grooming her. I'm sure there are top experts who'd make my scissor-work look positively bodgy but she'd been line-brushed for several days, washed, blown out, trimmed up and gussied to a respectable state anyhow and she looks so PURDY! Unfortunately life conspires, bad food from the other day which had given me a rumbly tummy the past few days finally whomped me good and proper. *WHINGE WHINE BLEAT* No show. Poor me! ;-p Sat at home feeling rather miserable, crashed at about 1pm and didn't wake until nearly 5 pm. Bleh. Luckily I was well cared for by my furry pillows whilst napping, who were shockingly well behaved for the day to remind me they CAN be good.

What could they have done you ask? Since my last post, my rotten little puppy (Hope) decided to really push her luck. I'd stuck her in the trailer as her crate had been cleaned and I wanted to air it out several hours just to be safe so she wasn't bothered by the fumes. Normally I'd stick her in the other crate but I left it at Jayne's a few months back and haven't gotten there to pick it up yet. Well, in repayment for my not wanting to have her bothered by the trace scent of cleaner the ROTTEN little so and so CHEWED THE WALL OF THE TRAILER!!! There is a 30 cm x 36 cm HOLE in it going through the interior pannel, all the insulation and out to the metal shell. *sigh*

In the meantime, I need to pull myself up and find the motivation to get all the crap I've got waiting to get done actually DONE. Motivation seems in short supply, almost as short as extra time!

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