Monday, April 03, 2006

Coming soon: a clever title

Well at 5 months and 3 weeks, Laurent has hit upon his first well and truly annoying behaviour...

He is experimenting a lot with different sounds and noises and up until now they've all been the sort which make a mother's heart melt... sweet little coos, burbles, chirps, little raspberries and chattering noises. He's also doing the syllables... mum mum mum, mmm mmm mmm, buh buh buh, dah dah dah etc. Simply adorable! Well, his big new thing is SQUEALING. It's this really glass-breaking, ear-drum splitting high pitched squeal too. He is enchanted with this new noise and has been making it all day long and of course right in my ear. He got up at 7am and by 9am I had a massive headache! I really hope this is a phase that doesn't last long!

We are going to the chiro tomorrow and I hope she'll be able to help with a lot of the problems we're having right now. At six months, most babies tend to let up a bit according to the books. Well apparently L hasn't read those books because if anything within the past weeks he's gotten worse despite nothing new or irritating being in my diet.

We got the photos back from our modeling photo shoot! YIPPIIEEE!!!!!!! *twirls and dances about* We finally have a nice family portrait! (You wanna know the weird thing? In a lot of my recent photos I look a lot like my second oldest half-sister. I'm not sure what it is but just within the last few months it's been really sticking out at me, despite our not looking much alike before. ) Of course, if you want the others you have to pay the photographer $50 on top of the agency cost. Pfft. But he's my baby and he's adorable so even if I do smell a scheme of course I'm going to buy them. I'm such a sucker. *rolls eyes* I still plan to go to a proper photographer and have a series done for his six month half-birthday.

Wow... hard to believe it's already been half a year with my wonderful little man! I'm taken back by how much I just adore him still. I always knew I'd feel intensely over my child but it's one thing to know it and another thing to experience it. He is my most precious baby and so many times throughout the day I find myself just cuddling into him, inhaling that sweet baby smell and enjoying the warmth of him in my arms.

A rant: As I mentioned DH earned a special gift certificate to Chaddy mall the other day. While I was there I did get some nice hats and such for L, as well as a plush bunny and shirts for Nic plus socks for myself and a nifty toy today, a Fisher-Price Peek-A-Block thingie. But I was really struck (once again) by how many ADORABLE clothes there are for little girls... I mean, gods, I want a girl just so I can have a reason to BUY some of these things! There's actually been a few things I've bought just because they were too cute NOT to buy. I'll use them if I ever have a girl or turn them into gifts. The other day though, I saw about 90 things for little girls that were so cute I would have bought them without even looking at the price tags. (On second thought, maybe it's a GOOD thing I don't have a girl! I'd be bankrupt!)

But for little boys, there isn't HALF the selection and so much of it is UG-LLLEEEE!!! *whine whinge whine* Don't get me wrong, there are some things I like: big chunky sweaters, the cargo pants and the beanie hats. I do like some of the color combos they have out as well: the teal-blues, creams, ecrus, browns, smoked reds and logan greens. Some of the styles are very cute and innovative as well. There's still not half the number there is for girls though.

I also utterly detest the current trend for messy "scribble" embroidery and steriotyped CRAP being emblazoned all over them. What is with these embroideries that look like a demented 3 year old made them? I saw dozens of shirts and sets where I liked the color till I saw the ugly scribbly stick figures. URG! YARG! BLERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only other option is of course stereotyping your child... big tough trucks, cranes, planes and of course macho sports.

Now I don't have an objection to boys liking those things... Laurent is currently in fascinated with trains, so yeah, I've bought him stuff with trains on it. I also have stuff with butterflies and flowers. (Yeah, on a boy. Anyone who has a problem with that can just build a bridge and get over it.) My objection is to trying to fit them into those stereotypes and automatically equate little boy with macho stuff. Why can't they make CUTE boys clothing!?! DH says it's all stereotype and I agree. Little girls are supposed to be cute and pretty, little boys are supposed to be rough and tumble sporters. Heavens forfend a little boy should be just seen as cuddly, sweet and cute! I'm sooo tempted to learn to use the bloody machine proper, serger and all, so I can design/make my own clothing for him! PHEW! I just had to get that out... it's one of my biggest pet peeves!

The other thing is that we’re thinking of buying another pram as our first one busted. It wasn’t exactly cheap but it’s locking bits where it folds-up and opens up aren’t locking into place and since we bought it well before he was born during a nesting urge moment, it’s out of the 12 month warranty. :-( The new one would most likely be a Bertini Bidwell which is kind of neat. (Shhhh... don’t tell anyone I said that or I’ll get drummed out of the AP ranks for saying I like a pram! LOLOLOL )

Other than that (whole books worth) there isn't too much going on at the moment and it's late so I'm outta here...

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It is GOOD to see your happy-look family. God will bless your little price.