Saturday, March 25, 2006

Non-dog "Stuff"

Okay, not dog related but I'm chuffed and wanted to share...

Since L was born, we've run into a dozen or so people who are psychic,
mediums or otherwise spiritually aware. A couple of them, yeah, we were in cystal or new age stores so go figure... but several of them have just randomly made a bee-line to him on the train or while we were walking around. All of them just seemed to be drawn to him, had an unusual reaction to him and told us pretty much the same thing about him and his future. It's a bit freaky, too similar to be a coincidence being almost word for word. I keep meaning to get a proper reading/chart done for him because now I'm completely curious!

I have a feeling he's going to be very in-tune and aware to energy around him... he certainly seems to be already and he's just 5 months old. I know I was a pretty unusual child, I remembered my previous life at age 5 (and being in an ultra Christian household, man did THAT ever not go over well!), saw spirits etc. I'm not sure about Nic but I wouldn't be surprised if he was sensitive as a child as well and I know his mum did a lot of tarot, crystal
healing, reiki, etc. At any rate, it will be interesting to see. L has a small collection of crystals of his own now... a small amythyst he picked out himself, a little agate slice with a heart in the center which was a gift to him from one of the shop owners and wouldn't you know it but last
week when we were at one of the shops he was quite taken with some moldavite. When I went in, the first thing I spotted was this GORGEOUS piece of Larimar in a necklace setting. I wanted it sooo bad but upon finding out the price tag... well, $259 is a bit out of my price range!

Anyway I figured 'maybe someday' and did a bit of googling on it and found out it's a stone that is supposed to balance water and air, heart and mind, help you to view events from a
different perspective, softens, enlighten and heal physical/emotional/mental/spiritual, facilitate inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity radiating healing and love energy. Isn't it interesting how you can just be drawn to what you need?

At any rate, I left the shop and ended up coming back this past Thursday. I was still very strongly drawn to it, not just to Larimar but to that particular piece. I decided I shouldn't say "I can't..." but instead look for a way to make it happen if I really wanted it. So I asked the shop keeper if she would consider taking payment in installments, not really expecting she would.
Well to my shock, she said yes, so I put my deposit down on it and will pay $15-20 a week to it, until it's half paid off, then I can bring it home while I pay the balance! I was floating home! She also made a gift to Laurent of the aforementioned agate slice and a piece of Aqua Aura.

A weird thing also happened. While I was passing my hand over some fluroite
my hands just started shaking. It kept happening anytime I touched any of
the stuff and at home when I picked up the big chunk DH's mum had. Weird,
weird, weird!

I also FINNNALLLYYYY found out what the little pendant I bought a
few months back is!!!!!!!! I'm sure everyone was sick of hearing me whine about it. I picked it up at an jewelry stall with a bunch of Lapis bracelets and rings. It was beautiful... just absolutely euphoric energy off it, humming and buzzing and light as a cloud in the sky! But no one could figure out what it was. It stumped several shop owners. We knew it was probably mined in Afghanistan as the gentleman was from there and selling regional jewelry but that was
it. Welll... as best we can determine it is a bowenite type of serpentine known as "Sang-i-yashm". Metaphysically it restores self-confidence, dispels fear, enhance meditation, balances female hormones and milk production in nursing mothers (!!!), helps with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, and attracts love and money. It is also used in the rise of the
kundalini, facilitating the rise by opening a path that lessens discomfort."

Besides that, it was just over all a really good day... Nic had begged off work because it started out with L being up all night and me looking after him, and I was so tired I was stumbling into the walls, then not feeling really well after that. I think it was just what I needed to have
him home for the day and to really be able to just take a wander and reconnect with him you know? Lately a lot of our weekdays are pretty much him being at work all day, coming home, having dinner, going to bed. We just sort of "deal" with all the stuff and there's not a lot left over, time-wise or energy-wise, for being together or deep talks like we used to. The weekends
are usually us trying to cram in as much stuff as we can... cleaning, shopping, any chores that need doing, the house renos that never end etc. It's triage of sorts I suppose. So it was just so heavenly to just walk around, with no particular place to go, no goals, nothing in particular to
do and just talk about anything and everything.

I've had lots of all-over-good-days lately though. I'm just really happy
with where my life is at the moment... it's just about perfect. I love my
baby, I love my husband, I love our family... I have a REAL family for the
first time in my life where it's unconditional acceptance and the
relationships are based in love, trust, respect and mutually raising
eachother into better places. Money-wise if we're not rolling in it we're
doing comfortably as long as we're sensible, I'm happy in my home, our
veggie patch is doing good, the dogs are doing pretty well and I'm getting
in training time slowly but surely, we have a lovely new kitten who is the
perfect cat... life is just plain good. I've been absolutely humming with
it and you know, it's a wonderful feeling!

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