Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm too tired to think of a title...

Today was not the funnest day on record. L didn't sleep well and DH and I stayed up late talking after we finally got him to go down about having a second baby and what we'd name them. So far we're at Chloe Mireille if it's a girl, which was our girl-name for this pregnancy or Mathieu if it's a boy with middle name undecided. On these lines, one of my friends may be adopting a baby (if the mum doesn't keep it, mum is friend's sister) and they're thinking the name will be Calvin Dax. :-/ Calvin reminds me too much of C&Hobbes but... but Dax? *sigh* And yes, they ARE Trekkies... that IS where it comes from. He has a major thing for Terry Farrell! LOL

As far as L's sleep goes, we're starting to try a few techniques from the No Cry Sleep Solution again but this scheduling stuff is a PITA. Mostly we rocked him. And rocked him. And rocked him. About a dozen times as he woke up not ten minutes after we'd last rocked him down. Still, if it'll help... :-?

Actually, I think what will help most is (hopefully) L's chrio. I just wish it didn't take so bloody long to get in to see her! So with L well and truely grumpy and NOT sleeping, we decided to head out to the market. I just knew this was going to be a bad idea... but I'm rather opposed to starving. So. We were store-ward bound with the not-happy-over-tired Laurent grizzling and bashing his See-N-Say toy every other second so fast it didn't finish one tune before it started the next.

We get to the store, sling him and he goes from grizzly to all-out wailing. He spent the majority of the shopping experience wailing while I rocked, bounced, and sung his favorite songs in an attempt to soothe him. Back rubs? Nope. Stroking his hair? Uh uh. Not even Mommy's Magic Boobie was going to do the trick this time. Poor squidgie. I'm not sure if it's the teething that's bugging him or a reaction to the medicine or something in my diet (though I have NO idea what) that is bugging him and making him unable to sleep.

At any rate, we chucked the stuff in the cart as fast as possible with the WHOLE FRIGGING BLOODY STORE watching us and giving us evil eyes as his wails escalated, except for those who must have been mothers themselves who were giving us the whole rueful sympathy look. Fun. So we get to the car. Go to the little Chinese grocer to pick up the last few things and *poof* happy burbling baby! *pounds head on brick wall* What changed? Not a frigging clue.
Got home. Spent forever getting him to bed. Started dinner. Ate. Plopped.

Now it's time to train with the dogs and kitten who deserve a bit of training...

Sierra: Adding in some distractions. Starting with minor ones, hands waving, tapping on desk, foot tapping on floor etc.
Goal: Eye contact for 1 second with 1 minor distraction, 10 trials per session, least lag time, ideal >4seconds/response which I know is kind of slow with a 1 second eye contact requirement but I'm factoring in my complete and utter inability to chuck the treat right to the dog who then has to run over and snuffle around to wherever the treat has skidded to before snarfing it..
Trial 1: 54 seconds, 5.4 sec avg
Trial 2: 51 seconds, 5.1 sec avg (tossing too far, Isabella got one and I had to stop and re-reward Sierra)
Trial 3: #$%@# - husband interrupted
Trial 4: 41 seconds, 4.1 sec avg
Trial 5: 40 seconds, 4.0 sec avg
Trial 6: 38 seconds, 3.8 sec avg

Not to bad. Especially considering I'm tired as heck at the moment and don't have a lot of brain capacity. I think we'll dabble with adding in 1 minor distraction with a longer eye contact requirement and 2 minor distractions with 1 second eye contact requirement.
In between this all I also scrapped a new page for L's album... and did a little more on my knitting but the freaking yarn broke... again! So I've got to try and join the two ends back up tomorrow when I'm more awake.

Pad Thai
200g dry flat rice stick noodles
125 g lean pork cut into thin slices
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 T veg. oil
2 eggs, beaten
60 g beansprouts
2 T fish sauce
1 T light soy sauce
1 T sugar
1/3 t cracked black pepper
4 garlic chives cut into 4 cm lengths
1 T chopped coriander
1 T chopped roasted peanuts
1 t roasted chilli flakes
lime or lemon wedges
Soak noodles in boiling water for a few minutes to soften and drain. Saute pork and garlic in half the oil till the pork starts to color. Pour in eggs and cook till firm. Break the eggs up into little bits. Lightly saute the bean sprouts and remove. Add noodles and remaining oil, sitr over high flame for a minute and a half. Add the sauces, sugar and pepper, then return the prawns/pork/eggs and beansprouts to the pan. Toss together over a high flame then transfer to the plate and garnish as desired with lemon or lime wedges.

VERDICT: The recipe originally called for 12 green prawns but I'm not a big prawn fan so... no prawns. *shrugs* It was still major YUMness and is getting added to our Keepers book. Nic also did these little coconut crepe things with some type of Thai savory herb but we only had regular flour instead of rice flour so they tasted fine but the texture was a bit different than it should've been. (My tummy didn't mind!)

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