Monday, April 25, 2011

The puddins at 3 weeks old...

In which the puddins get their baby names. I'm sure new owners will change them but I can't just call them puddins for the whole time so between La, Nic and myself the puddins have baby names!

Bebe #1 - Pipsqueek Still our feisty little chatterbox and the pudge of the litter, you can't cuddle him without a steady stream of itty-bitty-kitty gossip!

Bebe #2 - Possum He has a habit of curling his little tail up over your fingers when cuddling and with his soft grey fur and little white points and fondness of being cuddled up like baby possum in a pouch, it seemed an obvious baby name.

Bebe #3 - Punkin, still the cuddle bug of the litter and marked like pumpkin pie with a dash of whipped cream

and of course Bebe #4, our little Peach-blossom who continues to be the most adventure prone. La wanted to name her Coo-ee because she is the first to go for a wander! LOL

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