Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a quickie... Hope got enough points at the Hastings comp to finish her Aust. FD Championship so now she's AFDCh. Cuebiyar Cross My Heart PT :)

She had fun at the next comp in Ringwood as well and was very pleased to win a bag of treats and goodies for most amusing bandana (bandanas worn by all flyball members in that comp in support of a member who is fighting cancer at the moment) in our matching disco glittery sequin bandanas too! LOL

As you can see, being a flyball dog is a very rough job indeed! LOL For those who have followed our tuggy saga you can also see our BRAND NEW burgundy FLUFFY-WUBBIE!

For those who have missed the saga, Hope had one particular tug toy known as Fluffy-Wubbie she loved and adored above all others. When it was new it was about as long as I am tall and as the name would imply - it was fluffy. She would run back at top speeds and hit it just as hard as she could and tug like mad! After months of "love" though, Fluffy was reduced to a >20cm tatty, bald and sad looking nub. It's size also meant my knuckles were in peril of recieving dental imprints when she hit it. We tried a number of different tuggy styles and I'd bought various bits of faux-fur/polar fleece with no joy. There was just no tuggy as wonderful... till now! She is in looovveeee!!! Long live Fluffy-Wubbie the Second!!!!

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