Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The finished bit of fluff

From the WC Acrylics board Different Strokes Feb 2011 challenge. I'd been undecided if I wanted to go with my usual way of doing things (aiming for realistic, hitting a somewhat painterlyish approximation of it) or try for something else. I got it to a base layer of 'usual', shelved it because I didn't like it and the yesterday decided "ah heck, the deadline is tonight, I'm going to just play and see what turns up." First I started doing sort of impressionistic squinty smudges but 10 mins in I gave it a good wash and this little bit of fluff popped out. LOL It's what happens when you paint sitting in the car waiting to pick your kid up with the comic section of newspaper spread out. Hopefully I can get a bit better at other styles playing with these challenges!

8x10 canvas panel, acrylics of course ;)

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