Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Borderbrat update

Because my feral little pointy black Rindog is just such a funny little nutterbutter!

Fiftyone billionty in my photo series of "Places Border Collies Do Not Belong(But Go Anyway)"

She knows she's not supposed to go over the fence into the paddocks. Technically she hasn't gone over the fence. Technically. ;p At first she'd bounce over and I'd tell her to get back. Then she'd try to come under and I'd tell her to get back. Then she tried to wiggle through and I told her to get back. Eventually she came upon this solution and just perches there like a cat.

Fiftyone billionty and one in the series. The pile of bricks I've got stacked waiting to be made into garden paving. They give a nice vantage point and soak up the heat so they're warm. Comfy hey?

And an ever so slightly SOGGY Rin-chan. Courtesy of all our storms!

Goofy girls. LOL

And a few of her just being bootiful. She's such a gorgeous girl. :)

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