Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why it's useful to have a sense of humor when you own a BC

Dear Rin-Dog-Who-Thinks-She's-A-Cat,

If I find it objectionable to have you on my counters I most CERTAINLY do not want to walk by and find you:
1.) perched neatly on the tray of the highchair so you can gaze out the window - beyond the fact you shouldn't be there at all, you're going to tip it!
2.) pulling books off the bookshelf to nap there - especially four shelves up - it's just WEIRD or
3.) on the chest drinking out of the fish tank - that's there for the FISH and you have a perfectly good water bowl.

I'd forgotten just how quirky and smile inducing teenage BC's were with their creative thinking processes I think! ;p

The good news is that the counter surfing business is almost gone. She is occasionally checking (and even that is not as often) but not jumping, does a very nice unprompted "mother may I?" down if she wants something and waits in place.

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