Wednesday, August 04, 2010

15 Months

At fifteen months Lily is still our little miss sunshine - placid, easy going and bubbly... however it's looking like she's going to be one of those sorts who is "quiet... till she has something to say"! Moodle on a Mission is a determined little critter!

She still crawls but she does it in double time and having discovered she can walk is toddling around at a good clip!

She has a fascination with picking things up, putting them away and closing drawers, doors and cupboards. I've got a TIDY one! Booyah!

She loves her brother and the feeling is (usually... bashed lego projects aside) mutual. They greet each other in the morning when we wake up with cuddles and kisses and "Hello Lilypillie, did you have a good sleep beautiful girl?" The two of them are gorgeous together... I can't express how thankful I am about that!

She flings herself into you for cuddles and gives very dainty kisses. She is the best snuggler.

She flomps herself into the dogs as well and adores them. She is definitely going to be her mumma's daughter in that regard! She growls if you annoy her and she tongue-clicks if you do something she likes. Dog trainers will find the humor here. ;)

She can whistle. She uses this to summon the dogs and loves it when they bowl her over and lick her from head to toe and quite often will click when they arrive before flinging bits of whatever she's got handy.

She's got a few proto-words.. ..pup pups for the dogs, 'dat for that, a word that sounds like dada and less charmingly 'hut UP... usually at barking dogs. (hm... wonder where she heard that one!)

Fifteen months of Lily is just loverly, loverly, loverly!

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