Thursday, October 22, 2009

My little orange girl

From the time Laurent was little he has been the "green child", which started out when he was a baby and would kick off any pair of socks you put on him regardless of brand or fabric, unless they were green. He also would swipe at green objects as we carried him around in a store. The colour suits him well and has stuck as a firm and fast favorite.

When I was pregnant with Lily I had a feeling she was going to be an orange girl. Sure enough it seemed to fit her well. She does look good in reds, some greens, blues and chocolates but orange suits her best. A bit odd as orange was never a favorite colour of mine previous - it's flamboyant, bouncy, zesty, somewhat riotous colour and I'm not any of those things. I'm finding myself a convert though!

Little Miss 6.5 Months

Of course once the camera comes out, everyone wants in on the action...

including not-so-little Bunny Lala's

and our self-appointed nanny. For such a wiggly, hyper bowling ball of a dog Sierra is remarkably gentle with my little people. She flops down near Lily to be on her level and allows patting that comes with clumsy baby grasping and exuberant arm waving with gentle forbearing.

I also was able to upload a couple of videos shot on my mobile phone...
the first is of Lilypillie growling... that's right, my darling 4 year old has taught the baby to growl like a dog. (Although I call it a tiger as she's my Tigerlily and she'll growl back at me anytime I call her that now. LOL) I took this at a cafe we were at for La's birthday.

The second is of Laurent attempting to pronounce his name... poor kid can't pronounce it to save his life which cracks us up nonstop and he's happy to ham it up!

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Sif said...

Rofl, Lily's tiger growl is so cute!

Bryn can't pronounce his name, he can't roll the Rs and pronounces the second R as a D "Bryjad". He insists his second middle name is Dale, not Dal, LOL.