Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La's Fourth Birthday Party

For his fourth birthday party La had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted: he wanted "kids and people to enjoy themselves", he wanted a brachiosarus cake, he wanted balloons with dinosaurs on them and he wanted bubbles. We'd also planned to get him a trampoline and a bike as well. (Pics of the bike if it ever stops raining...) The trampoline was definitely a good choice for wearing off some of La's ever abundant energy!!!

He had Nic's cousin Nina out, Jayne, Liam, Sienna, Roanna, Dan, Darcy, Spencer and Evie out. It's a good thing we'd ended up having a relatively small party as I managed to throw my back out the day before and hadn't been able to get enough stuff done so all my plans had to be quickly readjusted for a pizza and ice cream party! After emergency trip to the chiro the morning as it happens my chiro, who is also a photographer needed a location for her camera club to shoot their 'spring' theme and remembered we'd had chicks and had lambs, so she wondered if we would mind them coming out just before the party for a shoot. Hey why not... so La had some extra people to run around with. :)

La had originally requested a brachiosarus cut out cake but Nic untinned the cakes while they were still warm and cracked one of them, I had to do some on the spot adjustments to the plan. (NB This is why chefs should stick to cooking! I did tell him to leave it be... hrmph! LOL) After a last minute dash to procure plastic dinosaurs and much mental groaning over using plastic decorations and M&Ms (Cake Wrecks anyone?) on a cake he told me when the colouring was 'just right and perfect' and and pronounced it a "powerful strong awesome dinosaur cake" so I dealt. ;-)

A few pics from the whacking of the pinata... that is a 'dinosaur food tree' by the way. Or so I am told by my son. *G*

He didn't quite get the concept of pinata though and when it burst grabbed about four lollies and sat down munching them contentedly while everyone else continued looking for more.

And one of Nic and Lilypillie, whose decidedly unimpressed look is demonstrating why I'm shockingly light on birthday photographs - she is in the "I want to be in MUM'S ARMS" stage atm! My camera is way too heavy to shoot one handed and not come out blurry!

He made off very well, besides the trampoline and bike he also scored a heap of stuff he's loving including a slinky, stickerbook, bubbles, a gardening set (which in his mind is a 'gemstone digging kit' - too much discovery channel here methinks!), more bubbles, a dino quilt and wall sticker set, more bubbles and an 'dino dig' kit that lets kids excavate their own 'fossil' dino from a block of clay-dirt stuff.

Last one for the moment, the green child doing what he does best - blowing bubbles, running and making noise!

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