Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy birthday Blueberry!

Verity's birthday was actually the 27th but in light of my being a bit slack in getting pictures off the camera lately I'm posting it today...

She is such a funny soul, very cheeky, sunny and her mommas girl. Ironically I'd wanted her when I saw their baby pictures but having just had La I couldn't have taken on a puppy at the time. It was just before she turned two that her breeder decided to place her and we went to NSW to meet them and came home with the Veri-very blueberry. It being her birthday and La being rather into all things chef at the moment, I decided we had to make her a birthday cake. So the master chef got to it... making a cake for 'Eirty, with a little help measuring of course!

And as you can see the effort was met with approval. LOL (Although I'm not entirely sure it was in her mouth long enough to be tasted before it hit her stomach... typical Aussie!)

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