Friday, July 10, 2009

3 Months

Can you believe it? I can't! The calender in front of me dares me to say differently though - my Lilypilly is 3 months old. She is such a beautiful little soul and I am just eatting up every minute of her.

Her birth has left me absolutely high on life and with a deep sense of content, bless those lovely labor hormones. There is a sort of more or less permanent rosey glow going on and aside from the chucky factor meaning I go through a fair number of shirts a day she is just pure enjoyment.

If you'll excuse the ProudMomma gush, she is as clever a little critter as you'd hope for. At 3 months she is a chatty little thing, who has a variety of delicious little coos and is happy to flirt with anyone who smiles at her.

She loves her brother - stares at him in wonderment. The feeling is mutual and he is the second most gifted at getting her to beam and burble delightedly and he loves to 'play music', dance or dangle a toy for her. She is a bibi fiend, which probably explains those chubbalucious little rolls of ever-so-soft baby skin that are so much fun to kiss.

She has discovered she has two mitties and they do what she wants them to... most of the time!

Besides her little monkeygrip (ouch, that works especially well on hair) she occupies herself by swiping at interesting things, bringing it to her face to study and taste with a look of concentration as she ponders the wonders of fabric patterns. She has spent the last few weeks kicking about, twisting, attempting to do baby-crunches and otherwise figuring out how to make herself flip over...

and gosh, isn't the world an amazing place from this point of view???

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