Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new sheep! :-D

Sunday afternoon we set out towards Geelong to pick up my new, lovely, long awaited sheep! I have been absolutely hanging for them to be ready to go and am sooooo excited to have them here finally!

Not the least because they are from a flock bred for handspinning, as well as I knew there would be moorit (chocolate) among them which is my favorite colour! So here they are - first is the ram, a lovely young fellow named Cadbury. :-D

Isn't he just the most gorgeous boy ever???

I also got tmoorit ewes, the above has been dubbed Mocca-Chocca. The blue on their heads is just so we could distinguish who we were looking at in the herd when picking them out btw! It wears off!

This is the other moorit, Latte. Yes, my sheep will have names... it is just plain easier to keep track of who is related to who a few generations down the lines when they have names instead of just numbers on paper!

I also got two younger black girls... they should fade out to a silvery-black. This one was today dubbed Peekaboo for obvious reasons. *g* Kept ducking from one side of the tree to the other to watch me!

And the other black girl has been dubbed Star.

My original English Leister girls (well, two of them anyhow) have been eyeballing the newcomers with suspicion and running away - scaredy sheep! LOL

The other fun this weekend - another lovely day out at the new training club. Nic missed catching pics of Hope (busy with La) but was able to catch some of Sierra and I. Sierra had fun... to put it mildly! Poor girlie, I feel so bad about not having found a club for the dogs earlier. She has obviously missed it SO, SO, SOOOOOO much that the entire time she is there she is struggling not to vibrate from the sheer joy of it. Even after an hour when the instructor decided to call it a day with the other dogs as they were looking a bit tired, he added in, "except the Aussie, who looks like she has enough pep to keep going all day..." Very probably true.

Poor dear is a bit rusty though. Must actually remember to work with her once in awhile to get her back to where she used to be and correct the same annoying little troubles she had when I left off.

Er. Like the head-orientation tending to throw off her angle to me.

Is this supposed to be a heel or a freestyle prance???


Lucy C said...

Your new little chocolate drops are gorgeous.

Pagan Rach said...

Aww, they are just beautiful! I want sheep!