Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can I just say I love weekends???

I LOVE WEEKENDS! Saturday we had a nice day working in the garden all day and then in the evening attending a poultry meeting and catching up with folks. There is something very nice about productive days spent with growing plants and watching the garden be born.

Today we took Sierra and Hope to Hastings & District Obed club - I think I've finally found a club I'm happy with, though I wish it were a smidge closer at just over an hours drive each way and that I'd found it sooner. Hope did well and got her first taste of agility equipment. Sierra got to play a bit of agility also - she remembered more than I thought for not having done a lick in 4 years and went absolutely gaga when she saw it set up - whining and shaking with excitement. ;-) Gee... I think she might've missed it!

We came home and did more gardening before deciding to just let dogs and child hoon around because I'm beyond tired atm. (We've had roofer and electricians over the whole week, coming over at absurdly early hours so that neither Laurent nor I got much sleep.) Between this we had cuddles and kisses, at which point La wrapped his arms around me and told me, "Mum, youse my BESTEST friend!" Cute little thing!

Nic snapped this one of me Sierra (on her back, tummy up) and I watching Laurent, Verity, Hope and Cami at the dam while they played with the tennis ball.

A close-up of the rare Australian Retriever in it's natural element after it's prized tennie-ball.

"Ah-WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!" The victory howl... Hope's trademark upon fetching a ball.

Her other trade-mark... shaking half the dam onto the child...
Repeatedly. Every time she fetches the ball. ~_~

And it was bound to happen eventually - we've warned Laurent time and again but he always figures the dam must be so fun given how much the dogs love it. He managed to step a bit too close today and splashed into the edge. He was less impressed than he thought he'd be... *snickersnort* Bad mum that I am, I just snapped a picture before he got hauled into a warm bath.


Lucy C said...

That last photo is gorgeous.

Excuse my ignorance but I thought Aussie Shepherds had no tail.
Was I wrong?

Amanda O. said...

Australian Shepherds are a breed with natural bob tails present but it's generally thought to be an autosomal incomplete dominant gene. Which is a fancy way of saying some are born with short bobs, some are born with 1/4 length, 1/2 length and full tails as well. You can see all tailed, all nbt or a mix of any of the tail lengths among different siblings in the same litter and regardless of if one or both parents are NBT or tailed themselves. It used to be that pups born with longer tails were banded at whelping and so all looked bob tailed but it's been banned in Aus for the past few years so tailed Aussies are definitely out and around. Hope and Veri have full length tails, while Sierra and Cami are both NBT's. :-)