Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last little lambs have arrived...

Well we're at a end for baby lambs... the mumma who needed help yesterday not only birthed the little ewe but went on to have a little ram after I left. Cheeky girl! So we're now at ten lambs, four sets of twins and two singles - bringing us up to sixteen sheep for the moment.

The little girl we helped yesterday seemed to be a bit off colour this morning, so I brought her up to keep an eye on, between taking her back and insisting mumma nurse her instead of kicking her. She didn't appreciate this a bit and if she continues I'll have to put them in a small pen where the lamb can nurse without mum kicking her away. She doesn't seem to realize she birthed two lambs and not just the one. The little lamb, for her part, seems to have imprinted a bit on La... so she spent much of the day up in the front garden and toddling around after him on wobbly matchstick legs.

She was feeling a bit flopped initially, I was worried she'd been injured or something as she didn't seem able to stand well.

After La toddled off she spent time snoozing with Hope nearby for awhile. Poor Hope was really confused by this, tried kissing her a few times and cleaning her ears out!

After awhile the lamb did find her feet though and went on merry chases after La, who thought it was all great fun!

She's on our front deck with him in this one... this is the deck that is being replaced btw.

And following him around as he "gardens" with empty seedling trays.

No point to the post beyond the general cuteness factor. Busy day today though somewhat less exciting than yesterday thankfully! The Herditary Diseases and Disorders meeting went nicely and I even made it more or less on time - yay me! ;-p We've also got the ball rolling on the paddock fencing (need a chute/holding pen/shed pen etc. for the sheep) which we got another fencing guy who does rural stuff (as opposed to the picket fence stuff for the front) and a builder fellow who is going to be doing skirting on the house, decking, renovate the laundry room, bathroom, study and toilet area. Still need to get into contact with the stumper fellow to shore up the area under the bathroom which has sunk a bit as they settled. No sense spending the money and time to retile and renovate the bathroom so that it can be cracked to bits when the stumps have to eventually be jacked up right?

Hope is entered in the Geelong show this weekend, poor girl is nearly neckid with her coat blowing everywhere, all you see is this patchy grey undercoat! LOL Should be interesting!

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aussienut said...

OMG I just love, love LOVE the piccies of the Lamb with both Hope and La. I love imprinting ;) How cute :p.

As for Hope being naked - come and see Kinta! She looks like a S/H Coolie!!!! Talk about a junior drop.... of course right in time for the royal ;)