Saturday, September 01, 2007

In a spree of consumerism, I went SHOPPING... and boy did I go *shopping*! First I picked up a gorgeous new set of dinnerware. I'd spotted them while in Camberwell a few days back after playgroup and fell in love. Since our plates are ancient and mismatched and worn, this was something I'd wanted for quite awhile and I really liked these so much I dragged Nic back to see them and bought them!
With a jonquil design! And some of the plates (not including the bigger bowls)

Then I picked up three persian rugs... I think they're so gorgeous, hand-made (guaranteed child slave labor free) and gorgeous vegetable dyed colours so they're just beautiful and feel soooo nice under your feet. These are for the livingroom the hallway and our bedroom.

Here is the livingroom, with a half neckid baby who is running around and laughing hysterically as he stomp-stomps his feet on the new rugs because it feels neat! (He was SUPPOSED to be with Nic getting ready for a bath, cheeky little man!)

The hallway, with aforementioned silly baby and the pile of pictures I have to hang up properly.

And my pretty, pretty bedroom rug (well the corner of it) that I just loved the blue colour on!

I still have to get a rug for La's room and the guest room but I spent more than I'd planned on the livingroom one so will have to wait awhile.

Then I went to my second favorite aquarium shop (favorite for fish, second fav for plants) and picked up some Flourish Excell for the CO2 and some CaCO3 stuff to up the hardness a bit, along with the first two living inhabitants for the aquarium - a pair of corydoras melanistius.
(will post photos at a later date when the waters aren't so tanin stained from the driftwood)
Finally I got a neat brass "lamp" candleholder for tealights.
Today I was supposed to have the South Gippsland shows. It was supposed to be an morning and afternoon show today and then another morning only show tomorrow, so we figured we'd do this and then do the fathers day gig and tourist around Bairnsdale/Sale/Rosedale/Traralgon etc. for Nic. Hit a winery for lunch that allows you to bring the dogs, do some antique hunting and visit the sights. It's such gorgeous scenery! Anyhow we missed the morning one, partly on account of after all our shopping we got in at midnight and got to sleep at about 1:30 and would've had to leave by 5 am, which would mean getting up at 3:30-4:00. Partly on account of when I woke up I discovered Hope - whom I'd put into the laundry room instead of crating because her coat was still damp - had TORN UP MY FLOORING!!!! (Yes, I will post a photo as well, when I process the next batch!) Little turkey found a corner that wasn't quite as firmly down as the rest from when the washer broke and leaked on it, which she ripped a big section of it up and tore it up and then to pieces. Granted we were planning to tile the whole thing instead of lino anyway but now I've got a big black patch where the lino is missing! The little stinker also ripped the cuffs off two coats that were hanging on the coathooks, tipped over a laundry basket (off the top of the dryer) and pulled down a bunch of scarves. She is lucky she is such a cute and lovable dog.... ;-0 So on that start, we only did the afternoon show. Jeni Sach's was there with two of hers as well as her IG and we ended up getting reserve, so nothing exciting as far as showing goes. Bit discouraged with all this, feeling better about my grooming of late but she is light on coat at the moment, her undercoat is muddy, her front is still not nice as I'd like and she occasionally has cases of happybouncynutbagitis due to (bad mummy) me not getting in enough training time courtesy of Sir Demanding Toddler the Teething Tantrum King.

Since we got a bit of extra money with this paycheck I finally also splashed out and got Hope a new soft crate and one of the big plastic picnic mat things that go under the set-ups and Miss Verity got a swish new collar - pretty pink, rose and sage-green pattern that looks pretty ace on her. (And she KNOWS it! LOL) We are slowly trying to get a proper set up, so next on my target list is a grooming table of some sort. I'd like one of those trollys that have them on top but they're usually quite exxy and I want my agility equipment before I get that.

Tomorrow is another show in the same place but there's also the ASCV's first herding trial on so everyone is going to be there. I am such a freaking spaz case lately, I honestly don't know where my head is. I'd said I'd scribe or such for that and since no one is going to the show tomorrow I'm going to stractch it and just go to the herding day. I'd forgotten I'd entered these shows and then heard about the ASCV's and planned to take Hope to get her HIC, was reminded again when it was mentioned at the last meeting and promptly forgot to write it down upon getting home so I ended up forgetting that was tomorrow until after I'd recieved my numbers for the show. Meh. If anyone sees my brain around, tell it to please return home!!!

Meanwhile, Hope is sacked out with La at the moment, Cade is holding down the couch, Si is sprawled on the dogbed and Verity aka my own personal blue velcro shadow, is alternating between being Miss Kissy and sticking her nose in my ear and snuffling, so all in all it's pretty good.


HipbubbyMama said...

ooh nice bit of retail therapy there :) All very lovely, but I especially lOVE the lamp!

aussienut said...

Love the rugs etc! gotta laugh at miss Hope - I think it still not wise to mix K and Hope quite yet - they might trade ideas!!!

About the shows - I know how you feel, and i've done heaps of training with the psychotic sod! Just keep in mind that she is likely to mature much later, so you will probably see the points pouring in later down the track.... NOT to mention that Vic and NSW have some very stiff competition!!!! You'll get there (along with me..... at some stage!)