Sunday, May 13, 2007

When I made my post earlier, I deliberately left out mentioning anything about mothers day.

Truth be told, I was indulging myself in a little bit of a snit fit and feeling rather sorry for myself as Nic didn't so much as acknowledge the day or say happy mothers day and I'd spent the entire evening before like a four year old on christmas eve imagining the wonderful, creative surprises he might have in store.

A giddy part of me whispered it might be he'd somehow concocted a way to spring the dogs a day early and I'd be woken up by two bounding wiggle-butts. Maybe a flower bulb, something to symbolize our new start at our new house tomorrow? I'm not big on cut flowers but something to plant at our new place would be cool. Maybe a music download card? I'm trying to save up for a iPod so it'd have been nice even if the actual iPod is too expensive. But most of all, he'd hinted La had some wonderful thing for me a few weeks earlier so I figured I'd get a card and hand-made artwork from La with a little help from daddy. I spent the whole day thinking maybe he was playing me, waiting until the perfect moment to spring it.

I was even more put out when Frank (yes, seriously Jayne...) even wished me a happy mothers day in front of Nic and it didn't warrant an echo from Nic.

Unfortunately Nic is just not the type for the grand sweeping romantic gestures and every time I think of this stuff (which is stuff I'd do in his place 'cuz I like grand sweeping romantic gestures and have done when I'm choosing something for him) it ends up with disappointment. It's just not how he thinks or expresses himself but I was sulking because quite frankly I wanted my card darn it - my 5 seconds of recognition in print and when it wasn't forthcoming I was rather put out! ;-p

So it's bedtime and nary a word and La has a bit of a cold at the moment so he's rather sookie. After several sessions of "I want up/down, feed/otherside/off/no I want to nurse" he finally fell asleep and I looked at his little goobery face. Beautiful little bubba sound asleep in my arms, warm, cuddly and blessedly STILL after motoring about on high speed all day lets out this little blissed out sigh. Huh. Whadya know about that.

Maybe that's all the recognition one needs.

Happy mothers day everyone!

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