Monday, May 07, 2007

Not a huge lot to report. Last week we moved out of the hotel because even with the extended stay costs it was just too expensive and I was going nuts without my animals. We ended up moving in with Jayne's ex-partner where at least I can have Cade again. (Who was a rotten little scoundrel the whole time from the sound of it.) Cade is being my little lap fungus.

I think Jayne will find that Frank regards taking care of Liam and Sienna MUCH easier now that he's lived the experience that is Laurent. *WEG* La is a tornado of a child, who often fervently makes me wish he had a pause button. He's into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, afraid of nothing, persistant, insistant and he never ever ever stops. Ever. Those traits will serve him well as an adult but are a real pill at 19 months!

Poor Frank keeps looking just a bit overwhelmed and muttering, "Doesn't he STOP?"... "I'm sure Liam and Sienna never did that."... "Geeze, doesn't anything slow him down?"

Laurent is in the midst of major tanty territory. Teething (molar). Off balance from seeing the only home he's ever known torn apart, moved into the motel, then again to here. He's also missing Hope tons... I'm sure he missed Cade and misses Sierra too but while they all like him, they're my dogs. Hope is HIS dog though, or he's her kid or something like that. Either way there's a special bond and he misses her like crazy. Not a day goes by without him asking for her repeatedly. He's taken to cuddling my coffee mug with a black tri Aussie picture on it and the other day found the spray bottle I use to mist her coat down at shows and came RUNNING over to me, shoved it in my face and bounced chanting, "MUM!!!!! HOPIE!!! HOPIE!!!! MUM HOPIE!!!!" He was so excited and upset when she didn't magically reappear... must have thought he'd found where she'd been packed away too like everything else. It made me smile and broke my heart at the same time.

Hope and Sierra are by all reports fine. The kennel (and y'all can gasp with me) is shocked that for an in-tact bitch she's not aggressive at all and they've been able to let her stay with Sierra without fights. *rolls my eyes so far back into my head they get stuck*

One week to go.

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