Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toast anyone?

As Laurent was stowing his backpack in his cubby at school this morning I notice a large bulge in the back of his pants.  A large, box shaped bulge.  Since we've had *cough* ISSUES with him sneaking in toys and such before, which the kids aren't allowed to do and for which mum gets the politely-exasperated "we've having the talk about your child ignoring the rules about toys... again" talk I figured he'd tucked a box with toys into his pants not realizing it stuck out about 10" from his scrawny bum and was rather as completely and totally blatantly obvious as if he'd had stuck a billboard with flashing neon lights and a big arrow pointing to his backside.

Good Mummy asked in a Very Reasonable Tone - the one that is slightly more sweet than you feel when you really just want to find a brick wall to bang your head against - "Laurent?  What do you have in your pants?"

I am at this point expecting toys stuffed into one of his little carry boxes.  I mean, that would be an entirely (relatively...) normal thing to smuggle into class right?

Yeah.  Well the normal train doesn't stop at our house.

He grins a very clever little grin at me, eyes laughing and pulls out of his pants half a loaf of frozen bread.



Seriously.  Never mind it's bread (and why on earth he's got bread will remain known only to the gods because I got nuttin' out of him!) but FROZEN bread.  Down his backside. I am throwing in the towel on trying to make sense of him! LOL

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