Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk: EVIL, EVIL stuff

Darling Tornado Child and the Lilium Tigrinum left their sidewalk chalks on the driveway.

As it happens, sidewalk chalk when rained upon turns into rainbow colour sludge.

As it happens I did not notice this before shooing dogs and children alike out the door in a bid to make school drop off sometime before "Horribly Late" became "Embarassingly Horribly Late With Abject Appologies Owed To Teachers".

As it happens I noticed them bolting cheerfully through mudpuddles before coating themselves in rainbow colour sidewalk chalk sludge at the exact time Darling Tornado Child opened the doors for them to hop in.  In they went, skidding to a stop just before their faces impacted with the cargo barrier. (How they do this I'll never know but they always miss by a nanometer!)

As it happens now my car carpet looks like a clown vomited on it in little paw shaped skidmark patterns.  Share the joy!

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bek said...

I apologise for my hysterical laughter XD