Friday, May 06, 2011

Nice try Pointyblackdog...

While training with Sierra, both Rin and Hope were outside.  I could see Hope near the door staring at it and attempting to beam the message into my head to let her back in or at least notice she was doing the behaviours very, very nicely and merited some rewarding.  Rin, noticing that standing at the doorway was not working any better this time than the previous attempts, took a slightly different tactic.  When I gave the cue to Sierra I heard a ruckus of scrambling sounds and a thunkity-whump near the kitchen window.  Perched neatly and determined not to be ignored (surely if I saw how wonderful she was I'd relent and play obedience tricks with her instead of the red dog!) stood Rin with her rear feet on the bin and her front paws on the window ledge.  You guessed it - the cue we've been working on tweaking this week is "stand". 

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