Monday, October 04, 2010

Cuebiyar Cross My Heart PT FDX

After our last flyball comp at Frankston, we were off to Yarram this weekend and onto more in the following weeks. At Frankston we ran Hope limitedly - much to her dismay (but MUM... the tennis ball is getting away!!!) that is we made our teams up of 5 dogs with her and another novice being switched so they each only ran in a few heats out of each race and weren't overwhelmed.

After Frankston we decided she seems to be running best as the lead dog and that she was okay to have more runs, so she ran in all 5 heats in each race this time all day long. Hopie heaven!

She did really well and I am starting to feel a bit more coordinated. When we got home last night and I'd gotten an e-mail saying she'd actually gotten both her FD and FDX. Fancy pants hey! LOL

Of course the most important job of all is still just being La's best friend! He can't wait till he's a bit older and can play flyball with her. :)

Lily on the other hand just wants to pat, hug and kiss everyone and then splotz on mums lap for a nap!

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