Monday, July 05, 2010

At our herding trial some weeks back I'd brought my camera. As it turns out someone (suspecting La...) unzipped it from my safe and snug bag allowing the camera to get soaked. Suffice to say after 6+ hours of drenching, it went to that great photo lab in the sky.

I had the hard choice between waiting until I could afford a really kick-butt DSLR or a less cool but decent camera now. I ended up going with the later as I couldn't stand missing out on months of photos! So here's a few of the first shots out of the new one:

(Okay, it's a dreadful shot - but it's a cute picture!)

I'm still trying to get used to it. For the first week or so I thought I might take it back. It was just annoying - it felt awkward, I didn't like the casing, it was S L O W. I'm learning to deal.

Lily had her first attempt at solo standing - she stood up unassisted for a good bit of time before plomping back onto her bum to clap herself and blow kisses to us as we cheered for her! My little love!

There's not too much else to write. I've been hauling my sorry-hide to training but being slack practicing as I'm feeling like something even the cat wouldn't drag in at the moment. The doctors reckon ye olde gallbladder needs to come out and there may be some sort of bacterial nasty irritating my stomach. In the meantime as I'm not willing to forcefully and instantly wean Lily, all I can take is a bit of panadol. Apparently all the good stuff is non-breastfeeding friendly. Ah the joys!

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