Thursday, February 04, 2010

Little Big Boy

Laurent had his first day at Kinder today. He has been positively ITCHING to go for weeks, pestering me every single day!

This morning bright and early he:
* helped make his lunch, "I'm the masta chef, that's the sammich, that's the rice-biscuits, that's the prunes, that's the mandarins, that's the carrot sticks, that's my grapes!" and filled his drink bottle with a sprig of chocolate mint in it
* chose his outfit - because "scarey-bees' (aka scarabs) are COOL" - and put on his new school shoes "they're the fastest kind for running with!"
* packed his backpack - it's GREEN of course and he assured me he had to bring pens to do "very serious 'signments mum!"
* and assured me, "Mum, kinder will be good I think. Because I am very good at snipping and painting and running and drawing and climbing and bouncing on trampolines and counting out beans which is good for kids at kinder." (Self confidence is obviously not an issue either... )

They stagger the kids so that only the one new child comes into the class per day so the directress can help them settle in easier. I told him if he wanted me to stay I could stay or if he wanted me to go then Lily and I would return in the afternoon. I was promptly given my walking papers, "kinder is for KIDS mum, not mums and babies so you and Lily-boo can go home!" LOL He did deign to stop just long enough to give a brief hug when I asked for one and then took off without a backward glance.

His teacher said he had a pretty good day, though he did get a bit grumpy over having to come inside when outdoor time was done but otherwise it went well. Lily and I had a lovely time shopping. At one point Lily went to sleep and I had the whole house to myself, peaceful and quiet! I actually had my lunch, a coffee and went to the bathroom without anyone whining, stealing a bite or interrupting for the first time in 4 years... BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just have to survive the pestering till Tuesday when he goes back!

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