Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little man is THREE!

While I was snapping pictures of him I also noticed it was blooming from what was previously a rather unassuming little mass of leaves... and it rather amused me that it happened to be a green flower in blossom on his birthday, given green is rather his favorite colour. (I'm sure no one has noticed... LOL)His birthday started out as a rather lazy morning - having to get the dogs, cat, poultry etc taken care of before we could get a start in on any other plans. Meanwhile from the moment he woke he was asking every 10 minutes about his "bunny cake". Things taking the time they do of course means while everything is being done, one must play and getting oneself good and grotty. I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday, since his birthday falls on a weekday and we weren't having the party until the weekend at least. (As one person is due to have her bubs, Nic's cousins are up in the air, I'm in a No-Fuss-We'll-Get-Together-When-We-Get-Together frame of mind of pregnancy and I'm sure La won't mind having multiple celebrations!!! LOL) Did he want to go for a ride on Puffing Billy the Steam Train, to the zoo etc?

He was pretty set he wanted to go to the zoo - he wanted to see crocodiles like Gator (his stuffed croc... and yes I've tried to tell him it isn't a gator several times but 2 year olds follow their own peculiar brand of logic and apparently this is a croc named Gator you see... imminently logical really) , pretty snakes, butterflies and helicopters. I did try to point out that helicopters aren't traditional zoo exhibits but again with that lovely sense of logic! *G*

At any rate, after a train ride in to the city (which took twice as long as driving, thank you Connex) we discovered the connecting train to the Zoo was somehow glitched and so I asked if he'd like to go to the Aquarium instead. Meanwhile he did get to see his helicopter - one flew fairly close to us for several stops getting to Flinders St which thrilled him no end.
The aquarium was a fair hit, though I think the most impressive bit for him was the fact there were several other little boys around with almost as much energy as him and they spent the time making fish faces, having hopping contests and pretending to be divers while running madly about.
(Fish face... note the pursed lips... Blop blop blop)
Part of the kid-sized walk through exhibit in the basement
After we made our way out we visited a few places in the city and he got to have a bit of junk food as he requested pizza, a snake lolly and a drink. Caught the train back, by that time tired.
Of course that just meant it was time for the most important part - the chocolate bunny wiggle cake with fires. After he blew out his candles, Nic lit a sparkler for him which he was delighted with even if it was difficult to get a decent pic!
After eschewing chocolate on his first birthday party and not being so sure of it on his second, he seems to have gotten over his distaste for it by the third. LOL The use of forks was quickly forgone for more... erm... 'effective consumption techniques' shall we say...The resulting mess after licking off the frosting and only nibbling on the cake resulted in a birthday bath and change of clothing...

I wanted to get a few non-grotty, non-wildchild shots in if possible so I plopped him on a kitchen chair and started asking him questions as I snapped.
"I wanna go OUTSIDE for my special photo!""How much longer is she going to keep snapping pictures?"
Apparently Newly Being Three does not confer any better skills at sitting still and not wriggling all over for three nanoseconds. ;-p Of course after a full ten minutes of sitting still we were rather over it but still... mum wanted one last one... had to get the girls in after all... poor La, can you tell he's rather tired here?


Lucy C said...

What a lovely post.
He is definately a gorgeous boy.

Juniper said...

happy Birthday to Laurent! I love that last pic of him and the dogs!

Gayle said...

Happy birthday, La. You are a beautiful little boy, growing up to be a very handsome young man.
I look forward to reading about your little adventures and keeping mum on her toes!