Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time is getting away from me, I hadn't realized it's been that long since I wrote.

Honestly it's just been a bit of a sleepy week. First trimester is sapping energy out of me but otherwise being quite calm. Unfortunately the weather is still remarkably rainy which means we're not able to spend much time outdoors and everyone is feeling a bit stir crazy. La has picked up a cold which turned into a cough which developed into wheezing, so my poor little lovely is on an inhailer again.

Despite that he is his normal cheerful, chipper, little ball of energy self - permanently set on full speed ahead. I seriously think he's incapable of walking, it doesn't matter what he does he hurtles himself at it. On our trip to the chemist today we saw a little boy his age with a whopper of a black eye at which La ran over proclaiming, "Aw, mum, he needs a hug!" before doing just that and patting the boy on the back asking, "'You ok-tay? 'S a big ouchie!" Then he started chatting to him about his (the boys) Thomas hat, telling both me and the boys family, "Aw, he's a sweet little bubby! Aw, so sweet! Yookit mum, he's so sweet!" (Mind you, the little boy in question was at least as big as La himself!) As he's proclaiming the little boys sweetness he's nabbed him by the hand and is leading him off down the aisle chatting and giggling, while both myself and his family are laughing hysterically at La's shyness. I had to disappoint him in the end by insisting the little boy wasn't a puppy we could bring home and needed to go with his mum and dad. It's nice to see his gentle, considerate side with other children given the fun we've had lately with him getting very frusterated when it comes to the ideas of sharing and his lack of understanding that while mum understands it's a really great game to run up pretending to be a dinosaur and ROAR at someone with much enthusiasm (being a silly game we engage in, my reply either being 'ohh, my a scarey dinosaur, who will saveeeee me! or roaring back at him as a big scarey dinosaur too at which point he cracks up laughing) the random little boys and girls at the stores do NOT know it's a game and find it rather creepy to have a strange 2 year old rush them roaring.

On the upside maybe he'll be less than disappointed with the baby turns out to be an actual baby and not a puppy! He's currently rather insistant every time I ask him how he feels about a baby sister or brother that it's a puppy in my tummy.
"Yes but La, what if the baby is a baby like in your books? NOT a puppy?"
"Oh noooo mum! *laughs like I've suggested the most absurd idea on earth* Baby is a puppy! I want lots of puppy-babies!"

Hn. I forsee a rude shock coming...


Lucy C said...

We had a roaring boy in our house too.
It became a dominance thing but eventually he grew out of it.

Laughing about the puppy in your tummy.
You might wish it was a puppy when you have to push it out!

Sif said...

Life MUST be busy...

It's been a whole week since your last blog post!!!